Artur Martynov, Pharm.D, PhD.,Sc.D., Professor, head of laboratory

Olena Grishyna, MD, PhD., leader researcher (head of
clinical division)


Yury Lisnyak, Mat.D., PhD., leader researcher (head of molecular design division) 


Romanova Helen, BD., PhD., leader researcher, (head of immunology division)


Bomko Tatyana, BD., PhD., leader researcher  (head of preclinical research division)


Nosalskaya Tatyana, BD.,
PhD., leader researcher


Pogorelaya Marina, senior researcher

Shcherbak Olga, MD., PhD., senior researcher

Batrak Helen, Pharm.D., PhD., senior researcher

Sidorenko Tatyana., senior researcher

Igumnova Nataly, senior researcher

Menkus Helen, researcher

Yukhimenko Vera, researcher

Babinets Olga, junior researcher



Our Partners:


 [Farber's Center for Academic Success LLC & Noigel LLC]
 (New-York, USA)


 [School of Medicine of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University]
 (Kharkov, Ukraine)

 [North-East Scientific Center of NAS and MES of Ukraine ]
 (Kharkov, Ukraine)


 [Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology
 and Radiobiology, NASU]

 (Kiev, Ukraine)


 [National University of Pharmacy,dpt. of Chemistry of Natural Compounds]
 (Kharkov, Ukraine)


 [Kharkiv City Multidisciplinary Hospital №18] 


Priority areas:

 Medicine areas: rheumatoid arthritis; metabolic syndrome; immune system misbalance in somatic pathology;  after vaccination immunity; autoimmune pathology; new drugs and drugs combination in development; new diagnostic methods; clinical study the new drugs and substances (State Agreement for clinical base)

 Pharmacology & Pharmacy areas: drug-design for new antimicrobial, antiviral; anticancer substances; computer modelling of biomolecular systems, structural aspects of biological activity, design for dynamic drugs (self-assembled therapeutical systems); in vitro and in vivo preclinical study the new substances (State Certificate 2015-2018)

 Organic & Electro - chemistry: immunochemical biosensors; bioelectrochemical Ag-Cu catalysis; new Ag-Cu - containing antiseptics for veterinary and agriculture; synthesis and study of quasi-living self-assembled and self-organized system

 Current State Grants from NAMSU:

1. "The action of influenza vaccination on the course of comorbid conditions in patients with metabolic syndrome"

2. "Studies of interactions between mycobacterial urease and supramolecular systems based on combinatorial derived polyphenols"

3. "Creation of new prevention drugs for preventing reactivation of latent tuberculosis"

Recent projects:

1. Molecular modeling and simulations of supramolecular complexes of antimicrobial compounds with additive and model substances /2004-2006/
2. Experimental and theoretical study of the inclusion complexation of cyclodextrins and their functionalized derivatives with biomolecules /2007-2009/
3. The study of structure-function relations of peptide antibiotics /2010-2012/



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