Laboratory of Biochemistry
and Biotechnology

The main scientific research field - design of mediums for microbial growth in  biotechnology, medicine and pharmacy

Head of Laboratory

Tenyana Osolodchenko, Biol.D., Ph.D.


1.    Andreiva  Irina. D., M.D., Ph.D.
2.    Port Olena V., M.D., Ph.D.
3.    Ponomarenko Svitlana V., M.D., Ph.D.
4.    Lykyanenko Teniana V., M.D., Ph.D.
5.    Shtyker Lybov. G.;
6.    Zavada Nadejda. P.;
7.    Ryabova Irina. S.;
8.    Kozybova Anna N.;
9.    Ansiforova Svetlana N.;
10.  Garas Teniana V.;
11.  Dokynina Valentina I.;
12.  Syrjko Evgeniy  V.;




Publications for 2015-2016
Total number of publications is 108, among them 2 patents,  2 pplications for utility models, 1 pplications for invention, 29 articles in scientific magazines and collections, 74 thesises of reports at scientific conferences.

1.   Assessment of the anhmierobial activity of polymer materials with added nanosilica modified by silier compounds . [Text] / M. D. Zheliba, I. I. Gerashchenko, L. V. Karabanova, E. F. Voronin, P. M. Chornopyshchuk, T. P. Osolodchenko, M. I. Borkovskyi -//- 3rd International Conference on of Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineerius ICNBME-2015 23-26/09/2015 Chisinau, Republis of Moldova.-264-267.
2. The search for new antimicrobial agents from the substituted arylamides of 4-(4-oxo-4H-quinazolin-3-YL)-piperidine-1-carboxylic acides .  [Text] / K. Yu. Krolenko, S. V. Vlasov, I.O. Zhuravel, T. P. Osolodchenko - 쳿.-  1 (53).-2016.- .17-23. ISSN 2308-8303.
3. Dependence between acylation degreeand specific lysis actitivy of the  Pseudomonas aeruginosa  M-6  bacteriophage .- [Text] / Martynov A. V., Farber B. S., Osolodchenko T. P., Farber S. B., Kabluchko T. V. Annals of Mechnikov Institute, N 2, 2016. - /journal.htm   16-20.
4.  Synthesis of 1,2-benzoxathiine 2,2-dioxide derivatives using aliphatic aldehydes and assessment of their antimicrobial activity - [Text] / G. V. Grygoriv, D. O. Lega, V. P. Chernykh, T. P. Osolodchenko*, L. A. Shemchuk.- 쳿. 2017. . 15, . 4 (60) 44-48
5. ycloalkanecarbaldehydes in synthesis of novel 1,2-benzoxathiin-4(3h)-on 2,2-dioxide derivatives and study of the antimicrobial activity of synthesized compounds [Text] /  G. Grygoriv, D. Lega, V. Chernykh, T. Osolodchenko, L. Shemchuk  // Scientific Journal Science Rise: Pharmaceutical Science 6 (10) 2017. .4-10.
6. The search of compounds with the antimicrobial activity among derivatives of aliphatic α-amino acids [Text] / A.N . Komissarenko., M.Yu. Golik, T.P.Osolodchenko , S.G. Leonova, K.I. Dudka // The scientific heritage Budapest , 2017.-   8- .68-72.
7. The study of phenolic compounds and the antimicrobial action of the alcoholic extract from the cake of the red raspberry fruit [Text] / I. M. Polischuk, . . Koshovyi, T. P., Osolodchenko, M. . Komissarenko  // ² ֲ 3 (95) 2018 . 30-33.
8. In vitro antimicrobical stady of new modification of SALVIA OFFICINALIS  extracts  [Text] / Verkhovodova Y. V., Kireyev I. V., Koshovyi O. M., Osolodchenko T. P.// Annals of Mechnikov Institute, N 1, 2019. - / journal.htm   31-35.
9. Antibacteril action of the phytosubstances from LEDUM PALUSTRE shoots -[Text] / Tolmachova K. S.,  Kireyev I. V., Osolodchenko T. P., Koshovyi O. M., Upyr T. V. // Annals of Mechnikov Institute, N 1, 2019. - / journal.htm   36-39.
10. Primary microbiological screening of aminoacides and their modifical variants [Text] / Osolodchenko T. P., Andreiva I. D., Komisarenko A. M., Koshovyi O. M., Zavada N. P.,  Ryabova I. S. // Annals of Mechnikov Institute, N 1, 2019. - / journal.htm   40 - 46.
11.Application of synergetic set of triz principles for developing cAMP-accumulation activators and their influence on multi-drugresistance microorganisms [Text] /  Farber B., Martynov A. V., Osolodchenko T. P., Klayn I.. // Annals of Mechnikov Institute, N 1, 2019. - / journal.htm   47 - 54.

The main research projects of the laboratory:
1. NAMN 130/2016 Study of the biological effects of relativistic electrons flow
2. NAMN 134/2017 Investigation of antibacterial properties of metaloporphyrin's derivatives with amino acids for further use in development of antimicrobial agents.
3. NAMN 145/2019 Antibacterial screening of a novel carbonyl compounds and its combinations for potential use in antimicrobial formulations